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Auditioning for Grad School? I got you. This is your year.


I'm Nemuna, and I help actors who are auditioning for grad school prepare captivating auditions so that they get into the program of their dreams.
^That's my Electric Elevator Pitch :P

Are you auditioning for grad school this year? 
Have you auditioned for grad school before and need some help to level up your audition?
Do you not know where to begin?
Do you need help finding pieces?
Do you want some advice on what programs may be good for you?
Do you want to talk to somebody whose been through the process before? 

Heeeey! It's me! I can help you!  Learn More

Have additional questions or ready to book? Contact Me


FREE Consultation call: uh, $0.
Personal Statement Editing: $50

1-hour in person session: $150
1-hour virtual session: $100
^includes helping you find awesome, stand out monologues 


35 Unique Shakespeare Monologues

Free Resource /

one of the biggest questions I get is "How do I find a Shakespeare Monologue that isn't overdone?"
1. Read a lot of Shakespeare  and/or   2. Download this list

I created a FREE pdf of 35 Unique Shakespeare Monologues that will set you apart.

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A Little Bit About Nemuna:
1. I received my Masters Degree in Acting from American Conservatory Theatre
2. I completed the Teacher's Development Program through The Actor's Center in New York
3. I've taught audition workshops in colleges all over the East Coast through American Conservatory Theatre's MFA Recruitment Program
4. I've taught Acting at New York Film Academy, Hunter College, Circle and the Square Theatre School and more
5. I have been an MFA audition acting coach for over 3 years
6. I am an actor/director/educator so I hold multiple helpful perspectives
6. I am the Associate Director of the Pulitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning Best Musical A Strange Loop

Ok for real though,  you may be wondering, "Nemuna, your name is cool and everything, but why should I trust you to prepare me for this very scary, very mysterious, very important time in my life? Do you know anything about auditioning for grad school?! Do you know anything about auditioning in general?!?! Do you even know how to act?!?!?!"

Well, the answer to your question(s) is um, yes, yes and mostly yes.

I am a graduate of American Conservatory Theater's MFA program (class of 2014! woot) So I know first hand what it's like to audition for grad school. And even more than that, I know first hand what it's like to have ZERO ​help.

When I was a wee lass, I was about to graduate with my B.A. in Drama from UC Irvine, and I knew deep down in my heart and soul that I wanted to go to grad school. I thought it would be smart to ask some of my professors if they could help me prepare (it was smart btw), and all of them said NO.

They didn't say no because they were mean. They didn't say no because they hated me and thought I was untalented. In fact, it was the opposite: they said no because they thought I should give the "real world" a try.

First of all, I don't know why it's called the "real world" because let me tell you, nothing is more real than getting a Master's Degree in Acting. Don't worry, you'll see.

All this to say, I had to prepare for grad school all by myself. It was lonely and it was scary and it was hard. I worked really hard and got really lucky, but all the while I wished I had someone to explain the process to me and help me pick bomb monologues and tell me if I was ready.

I became an acting coach whose focus lies in helping with grad school auditions because grad school is the best thing that ever happened to me.

Every actor who wants to go grad school should get the help they need to get into the program of their dreams. 

Once we get you there, you will learn and grow as an actor, but more importantly, you will learn and grow as a human being. Seriously it's like 3 years of intensive therapy.


"With Nemuna, I felt comfortable being vulnerable almost immediately. She has immense presence herself, and it helps to know that you have a really solid actor assisting you with your monologues. We had clear, actionable timelines for our sessions, which helped me a lot in a stressful period of time. I think her coaching helped me identify the tone, strengths and emotional shifts of my piece in a very specific way. And she pushed me, which is all I can ask for in an acting coach. When you get a nod or complement from Nemuna, you know you nailed it. That's a good feeling." - Maggie Vaughn

"I made it to the end of day at the Yale audition and was called back to Brown and I have no doubt it was in part because of my work with Nemuna! Nemuna’s MFA coaching more than instilled confidence in my work, she reminded me to find joy in the process and for that I am so grateful. Book Nemuna if you want to sharpen your audition material!" - Johnny Pozzi

"Nemuna is such a fantastic coach! Her approach is so inclusive and encouraging, and working with her helped me not only perform better in auditions but also made me feel more comfortable bringing my true self into the room. As a gender-fluid person, I cannot emphasize enough how much it meant to have Nemuna create a safe space for exploring gender." - Julian Harding

"Nemuna is the BEST. Such an inspiring and welcoming voice in the insanity that is grad school auditions. She helped me at a time that I was so uncertain of everything I was doing. I was on my third year of grad school auditions and feeling overwhelmed, and now I'm headed to one of my dream schools in August! I HIGHLY recommend reaching out to her if you're considering or have ever considered grad school." - Erin O'Conner

“Nemuna was always expanding my mind and always getting me to re-learn the text from a different angle. She is a born teacher, whether as a theatre artist in a play, or as a coach helping another artist grow. I am lucky to know her and have learned from her.” – Preston Mead


For scheduling or any additional questions please feel free to reach out to:

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